Having your braces adjusted

 In Dental care

Having Dr. Scott Lee install braces on your teeth is just the very first step in the process or realigning your teeth for a more functional mouth and an appealing smile. In order to effectively realign your teeth your braces will require routine adjustment sessions.

Each adjustment session minutely stretches the periodontal ligaments anchoring your teeth into your mouth. The periodontal ligaments and the orientation of your teeth then gradually accepts this new position. After four to six weeks your teeth will be ready for another small adjustment session. Each time your braces are adjusted, brings you one step closer to your ideal alignment.

The stretching applied to your periodontal ligaments is progressive. If you miss an adjustment appointment, it could potentially increase the amount of time you need to wear braces.

Another reason for the routine adjustment sessions also helps to identify any braces hardware that might be worn out, loosened or otherwise damaged by daily wear and tear. This is especially more common for spacers, which can even sometimes be lost between adjustment sessions, as well as bands that need replacing.

If you are overdue for an adjustment appointment or you would like to schedule your next one in advance, please call Dr. Scott Lee at 480-939-3457 to schedule one.

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