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Fillings in Chandler, AZ

You do your best to keep your teeth clean and free from bacteria by brushing and flossing daily, but tooth decay can happen despite your best efforts. We check for cavities and spots of demineralization during dental exams, and provide fillings in a comfortable and safe setting, usually in one office visit.

When mouth bacteria feed on dental plaque and tartar, the protective enamel on your teeth will weaken and demineralize, promoting the formation of dental cavities. These spots should always be treated as promptly as possible to prevent further damage to the inside of the tooth.

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Dental Fillings

When a tooth is damaged by minor decay or injury, we can often repair it with a restoration called a dental filling. These are the most common restorations used to restore enamel and preserve a tooth’s structure and health.

In the early stages of tooth decay, a dental filling can protect your teeth from painful infections that could require more complex restorations in the future. When cavities are not treated, the decay can eventually reach the inner pulp of a tooth, cause a toothache, and require endodontic treatment with a root canal procedure.

In the past, all fillings were made from amalgam silver or gold. Today, however, we have access to durable and strong composite resins, which bond to a tooth and provide structural support so you can continue to use your tooth without fear of dislodging the restoration.

A cosmetic benefit of our composite resins is that they are tooth-colored and can be matched to the natural hue of your teeth. Resin fillings ensure that your dental restoration will not interfere with the natural appearance of your smile and will last for many years to come.

How Fillings Work

To repair a tooth, the dentists will first gently remove the decay and clean the cavity. A filling is then applied directly to the prepared area, and sculpted to fit comfortably and aesthetically with the natural shape and contours of the tooth. Once the filling is properly sculpted, we use a special light to harden it.

As a conservative, simple treatment, dental fillings can usually be completed in just one visit to our dentists, along with the rest of our friendly dental team, will make certain that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. We use anesthetics to reduce tooth sensitivity when necessary. For cavities in the outer surface of the enamel, anesthetic may not even be needed.

With proper dental care, your filling can last for many years to come. Be sure to care for your smile by brushing and flossing every day, and visit our dental office every six months for a cleaning and exam.

Before You Need a Filling

In addition to treating dental cavities with fillings, we can also locate “soft spots” of demineralization before cavities even occur. When these spots are found early during routine dental examinations, we may treat them with fluoride in an effort to remineralize the area. Remineralization can sometimes strengthen enamel and prevent further damage. This technique is an ideal way to prevent cavities from developing in the first place. We aim to partner with you for great preventive care, so you won’t need a mouthful of restorations.

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