Mouth Guards & Night Guards

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Protecting your smile with mouth guards

At Every Smile, Dr. Lee and Dr. Hahn want to protect and preserve your family’s smiles in every way possible. One of the ways we do this is by providing high-quality mouth guards and night guards. These oral appliances protect teeth and gums from injury when playing athletic sports and during night-time teeth grinding caused by bruxism.

There are many inexpensive mouth and night guards available in stores and online, but the appliances we provide are customized to fit each mouth perfectly, and therefore provide unparalleled protection from injury and damage.

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Every Smile Offers Better Fit, Better Protection

Our athletic mouth guards and night guards are customized to fit your mouth for a more comfortable, effective fit.

Custom Fit Athletic Mouth Guards

Did you know that the number one cause of knocked-out teeth is sports-related injuries? Any sport that involves running, kicking, balls, or pucks has the potential for causing harm to teeth and gums. A mouth guard can protect your smile during athletic activities—and may be especially beneficial in high-intensity sports like rugby, football, basketball, and hockey. In addition to knocked-out teeth, athletic mouth guards can also prevent injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth (gums and tongue) and cracked molars, which also happen frequently in sports.

If your children play sports, don’t settle for one-size-fits-all mouth guards. These products do not fit well and do not protect teeth as well as the customized mouth guards we offer at Every Smile. Even the boil-and-bite type of mouth guards are not ideal, as there is so much room for error when your child forms the impression in the softened plastic: if he or she bites too hard or too soft the device may not function as it is intended to. Come to us instead. We will create a professional dental impression that will be used to craft a mouth guard that’s comfortable and will keep your child safe during every practice and game.

Benefits of Dental Mouth Guards

Dental impressions for custom fit

Prevent knocked-out teeth

Prevent injuries to gums, tongue, and molars

Custom Fit Night Guards

A night guard is similar to a mouth guard, but is worn to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching while you sleep at night (bruxism). No one knows the precise cause of this condition, but it’s estimated that up to 30% of the population will suffer from either chronic or intermittent periods of bruxism in their lives.

Unfortunately, bruxism can have serious negative effects on your health including damage to teeth, neck pain, and headaches.

Some people are not aware that they suffer from bruxism, as the grinding and clenching usually occur when we are unconscious. But if you have noticed headaches or jaw pain when you wake up in the morning, you may be grinding your teeth. If you tend to be a “slow waker,” you may even have noticed your jaw is clenched tightly shut when you first begin to wake. Or perhaps a family member has actually heard you make a grinding sound in your sleep? If any of this sounds familiar, we encourage you to consider a night guard. A few incidents of teeth grinding may have no lasting effect, but years of repeated grinding or clenching can weaken your teeth and cause chronic pain.

Benefits of Night Guards

Dental impressions for custom fit

Prevent jaw clenching and grinding teeth

Prevent teeth from becoming cracked, worn down, or loosened

Prevent bruxism side effects such as damaged teeth, neck pain, or headaches