Pediatric Dentistry

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Little Smiles Are Important

At Every Smile, we believe that everyone should have a happy, healthy, beautiful smile—and this includes our young patients! We are pleased to provide pediatric dentistry, to ensure that your child’s teeth are as healthy and strong as they are. With early dental visits, your children will learn the habits of good oral health, and keep their smiles beautiful well into adulthood.

Our entire team at Every Smile is committed to providing your child with a positive dental experience each time you visit our office. Our doctors are sensitive to the special care and attention that children require and we aim to make every child feel comfortable. We even have a special area in our office, the Kids’ Cove, where our young patients can enjoy themselves before and after their appointments.

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Dental Cleanings with Kids In Mind

At Every Smile, we know that bringing your child in for routine cleanings is the best way to avoid dental issues and promote healthy smiles.

What age should kids go to the dentist?

All children should see a dentist by about their third birthday, for their first dental exam and cleaning. The first exam will make certain teeth are healthy and developing properly, and we will also provide a gentle cleaning.

We also encourage parents to bring children in even earlier (by their first birthday), to familiarize them with their “tooth doctor” and promote positive and friendly interaction with the dental office. As soon as your baby has some teeth in her mouth, we can do a dental visit that will help prepare her for the routine six-month visits she will need once all her teeth are in. Such early visits are a very successful way to ensure your child does not panic or have misconceptions about the dentist as they grow older.

Routine six month cleanings

Perform a dental cleaning

Examine teeth to monitor proper growth

Scan for signs of tooth decay

Administer fluoride treatments

Apply sealants to molars that are susceptible to cavities

Help your child learn proper dental hygiene techniques

Early Dental Intervention

Don’t wait until your child is in pain to visit the dentist. Visit Every Smile so we can work together to keep your little teeth healthy and nurtured.

Baby teeth need care

Baby teeth are especially prone to tooth decay for two reasons. (1) Baby teeth do not have as thick a layer of enamel as adult teeth, which means that small cavities can quickly turn into large ones that require complex restorations, or even spread to other teeth. (2) Children are not always as capable of brushing and flossing as thoroughly and effectively as adults, even with direct supervision.

Building good habits

As parents, you do your part to keep children’s teeth healthy by encouraging good eating habits, avoiding sodas and sweets, and guiding them as they learn the proper habits for brushing and flossing. But children also need professional exams and cleanings to spot tooth decay when it happens and ensure it does not escalate.

Visiting the dentist

Early dental visits are also a great way to spare your child any possible dental anxiety in the future. If your child’s first dental visit doesn’t happen until a cavity is causing a toothache, the negative associations with the dentist may imprint on your child permanently. Early intervention is the key to a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Our dentists and dental staff will work together with you and your child to keep little teeth healthy and nurtured.