Tooth-colored restorations

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What is Tooth-Color Restoration?

Severely decayed teeth can be unattractive and ruin your smile’s appearance. Even when you brush and floss daily, your teeth can experience the negative effects of harmful bacteria from plaque. The accumulation of bacteria will begin to erode tooth enamel, the tough, protective outermost layer of your tooth. Dr. Lee and Dr. Hahn in Chandler, AZ correct damaged teeth to restore their function, health, and appearance. After treatment in our office, your confidence will skyrocket. You’ll feel excited to show off your new and improved smile to everyone you meet.

What are my restorative options?

At Every Smile Family Dentistry, we offer several tooth-colored restorative options for patients who want a beautiful, fully functioning smile.

Dental Filling

A dental filling will correct the empty space left from a cavity. After this procedure, your tooth will appear natural and function as it once did. You won’t experience any discomfort when using the restored tooth.

How do fillings work?

Dental fillings are completed in a single visit.

Step 1

One of our doctors will clean the cavity to remove bacteria and decay.

Step 2

Once the area is free from harmful substances, he will fill the damaged area with composite resin. In order to appear natural, multiple layers of resin are applied and molded to resemble the shape of surrounding teeth.

Step 3

When the layers of composite resin are complete, Dr. Lee or Dr. Hahn, will cure the restoration with a special light to restore the structural integrity of the tooth.

Step 4

The doctor will finish the procedure by polishing your tooth.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a procedure for larger areas of decay that cannot be corrected with a simple filling. Fractured or broken teeth are capped with a dental crown to protect the weakened tooth. The cap will block bacteria from entering the delicate internal structures, while maintaining the natural shape of the tooth.

How do crowns work?

This procedure requires two dental visits.

First Visit

We will examine your tooth and determine if it’s sturdy enough to support a dental crown. One of our doctors will prepare your tooth for the restoration by removing the decay and reshaping the tooth to ensure the crown fits securely and seamlessly over the tooth.

Next, we will take an impression of your damaged tooth, as well as the surrounding teeth. The dental impression will be sent to a lab, where your crown will be custom-created in the desired shape and shade. Before leaving this appointment, a temporary crown will be placed over your weakened tooth to provide adequate protection.

Second Visit

Your temporary crown will be removed and the customized, permanent one will be placed. We will then bond the restoration in place with a special adhesive. If you care for it properly, you can expect your crown to last up to 20-30 years.

How will these procedures affect my smile?

Dr. Lee and Dr. Hahn use composite resin for dental fillings to give your smile a cohesive look. Because this material is tinted to match the natural shade of your tooth, it will appear natural and blend with your surrounding teeth. Composite resin is applied as a putty-like consistency and hardened with a special light to provide a strong and durable repair.

Dental crowns are custom-made in an off-site lab from either ceramic or porcelain. Both materials are matched to the shade of surrounding teeth, to give you a discreet restoration.

Our doctors use their years of experience to carefully match your filling or crown to blend with the natural aesthetics of your smile. If your damaged tooth once stood out from the rest because of decay or discoloration, it won’t after receiving treatment at our dental office.

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